Go where you are yourself

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Study Abroad.”

The answer coming out  almost immediate. In Egypt. Many people might think I’m crazy, I’m in Italy, where the comforts are a daily and I want to go to a country like Egypt?
My answer is yes. I lived here until now, despite all the comfort I have not never seen people be really happy.

My first trip abroad was when I was six years old, in egypt.
I have loved this country from the first time.
Afterwards I went back there several times, nowhere I feel at home as when I’m there, not even when I’m in my room.

The smells, the life, the stories, the gentleness of this place, _ of these people despite do not have a big house, a big comfort or pays adequate for their work.
they smile at you when you call what does it matter if it is hot or cold, or if their day did not go well; a smile that comes immediately to those who receive, not one of those fake, a true smile that says so much …

II’m in love with these people by the real smile.
Growing up I realized of how much strength a person must have if smiles that way while not having anything can you think of doing it?
They are people to be admired so much. From here I see more and more as the materiality and the money are breaking this world.
Studying abroad? in Egypt