The concentration in prayer

Translation Pakistani Urduby Nabeel Sheikh, taken from the program “Mohabbatte Rasool/ I love the Prophet Muhammad” on channel QTV

The prayer is divided into 2 parts:
1) the body part
2) the spiritual part

The body part is the part that is based on the correct pronunciation of the suras.

The first two things to do, before the prayer are:

1) Make minor ablution being focused on what you are doing, freeing your mind from life’s problems and directing in what you’re doing (the prayer)in this way if you can concentrate in the ablution you will succeed definitely also in prayer.

2) Before starting the prayer to ask for forgiveness from Allah (SWT) for all the sins committed in life, always do it before starting the prayer because it can be a tool to stay focused in prayer.

If the first two points do not help you to stay focused in prayer and you during prayer back to think about the problems of life without thinking of Allah (SWT), then you carry out these other 6 points:

1) Learn the translations (from memory) of the suras and everything you say in prayerin this way you know what you’re saying and the translations will help you be sure to stay focused in prayer (for those unfamiliar with Arabic course)

2) Do you think that the prayer that you are doing is the last prayer of life, and then you will not have occasion to pray and ask forgiveness for their sins

3) Do you think that when you pray the angels come down from heaven and surround your whole body from head to foot until you get to sky

4) If the first three points do not help you then imagine that you have:
 To your right Paradise
 To your left hell
 Above you the angel of death
 And before you the Kaaba

5) During the prayer thinks that Allah (SWT) is watching you

6) The last point if you can not perform the others, and ‘the one about the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). During the prayer if your attention back to remember or think about the problems of life, then think about the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and prayer that he held.
If you can stay focused in prayer, it will defend you from sin, from your enemies, and will give you peace and tranquility, inshaAllah. In this way you will start to love the prayer so that you do not need any type of alarm or clock that tells you it’s time to pray.