Does God exist? (English Version)


BismiAllah Arrahman Arrahim
In the name of Allah, the compassionate, the merciful
Tell me: “How did the Big Bang happen?”
The Big Bang is also called “primordial explosion” that the explosion which is supposed to be born life.
Everyone in this world: scientists, atheists and believers agree that before it all was firm and motionless.
“Who or what would have originated the” spark “from which then is started the Big Bang?”
The answer is …
If something is firm and immobile and perseveres in its state of rest is not possible which alone start to move.
A machine don’t set in motion by itself, an object does not move by itself not even we move on their own; when we want to move our brain captures information and sends it to the muscles in the fraction of a microsecond with the result that we can move.
If we believe in this theory necessarily we have to believe THAT SOMEONE OR SOMETHING has provoked something than has interrupted the stillness.
We speak now about the “theory of evolution” in the first hypothesize it was Charles Darwin who spoke in his book “The Origin of Species” in 1859; this theory holds that living things and all that exists were not created by God but are a series of coincidences.
Darwin argued that all living beings are derived from a single ancestor and then were differentiated over time, but even he unable to find concrete proof and wrote it in the book (Chapter 6 Difficulties on Theory), he hoped that in the future with new findings these difficulties would be eliminated. However itwas not so.
By what or how was born the first living being that has given rise, according to Darwin, to everyone else?
From a theory known as “spontaneous generation” he says the organic matter could  formed from inorganic matter for example was believed that insects were born from food residues.
Five years after the publication of the book, Louis Pasteur said, “by now there is no proof  affirmative _ that microscopic beings can be generated from inorganic materials (Fox & Dose Molecular Evolution p.2)
Alexander Oparin after many attempts to prove the theory of spontaneous generation said: “Unfortunately, the origin of the cell remains as a dark point that understand the whole theory of evolution. (Origin of Life p.36)
Jeffrey Bada one of the biggest supporters of the theory of evolution in 1998 said of one of the most famous newspapers Earth: “Today we are leaving behind the XX (twentieth) century, we are still not able to give a concrete answer to the fundamental question that we had set ourselves at the beginning of the century: how life originated?” (Earth, february 1998)
How occurred the origin of the cell?
The cell is an organ so sophisticated and complex that we can not think in any way that it is created for case, not even in the highest laboratories that are now availablewe are able to reproduce it. The same thing can be said for the DNA, a teaspoon of hair would contain all the books written so far.
Darwin wrote in his book: if it were shown that a complex organ can result from a number of small changes, my theory would be destroyed. (Capito 6 p.189).
Gregor Mendel after Darwin’s death showed that those that were transmitted to subsequent generations were not the characteristics acquired during life but the genes, which means that the theory of natural selection could not give birth to a new species, and so the theory of DarwinIt was wrong.
Scientists have changed then the term “selection” with the term “mutation” namely the changes of DNA that occur due to external causes; mutations are negative changes then also their effect on the organism will always be negative for this prof. Richard Dawkins when asked if he can give examples of positive mutations can not answer.
Darwin says in his book: “If my theory is founded, are certainly existed numberless intermediate varieties linking together all the species of the same group … Consequently, evidence of their existence can be found only amongst fossil remains” ( The Origin of Species p.179)
“Why if species have descended from other species by imperceptible gradations, we do not see everywhere innumerable transitional forms? … But, since these transitional forms must have existed, why do we not find buried in countless numbers in the crust of the earth?” (The Origin of Species p.172)
Searched in all over the world the so-called “missing link” with no result.
Derek Ager, British Palentologo admits: “Emerges the idea that if we examine the fossil record in detail, to the level of orders of species, we encounter – at every step – not gradual evolution, but the sudden explosion a group of species to another. ”
The oldest fossils date back to the Cambrian period, the structure of these animals already had a complex structure and aren’t found pre-existing ancestors.
“It ‘a bit as if they were suddenly appeared without any evolutionary history”. (Richard Dawkins)
Darwin himself said in his book: “If many species belonging to the same genre or families, have really appeared suddenly, this fact would be fatal to the theory of evolution by natural selection” (The Origin of Species p.302)
Speaking now of the fact that man is descended from monkeys the scientists designate their first ancestor Australopithecus (ape South African), discovered in 1924 by Raymond Dart, comparing the findings with those of a chimpanzee we see that they are virtually identical, the evolutionists claimed however that these remains belonged to monkeys that walked upright like humans but these theories were afterwards removed. The archaeological finds are so of mokeys extinct similar to those  contemporary. As far as the remains of homo erectus, sapiens and  ergaster wrongly classified as human ancestors, they differ from each other only in the shape of the brain, the same differentiation which is today among the various races.
“These differences are not provably more pronounced than we see today between the separate geographical races of modern humans.” (Richard Leakey, The Making of Mankind)

The Origin of Species “Charles Darwin :