The last ten days of Ramadan


Don’t miss this opportunity! The last ten days of Ramadan! These are the days dedicated to the salvation from hell!

It is reported by Aisha: “When the last ten days (of Ramadan) came, the Prophet spent his night in worship, woke up his family (the night), redoubled his efforts and clutched his Izar (sarong).” (Al-Bukhari (4 / 269) and Muslim (1174))

There is written in the collections of Imam Al-Bukhari and Muslim, the Prophet said that anyone watch over the night during the month of Ramadan and praising God with firm certainty and hope, the previous sins will be forgiven.

What are you waiting brothers and sisters? Strive to more this last days, let us strive for Allah, for Jannah In sha Allah!

In these days it’s been revealed, the part of Alllah goodness immense: the Holy Quran.

In these days full of blessings we intensify our worship, our staying in the mosque, our tarawih, our reading of the Qur’an, our dua!

The Prophet (Sallahu alayhi wasallam) not watched over alone but woke his entire family in the last days.

Aisha said: “When start the last ten days of Ramadan, the Prophet Muhammad vigil night and wake his family” (Bukhari and Muslim)

Also we want that in sha Allah our family is with us to Jannah; then wake up their! Invite them to pray with us, to keep watch with us!

May Allah fill us with blessings in the last  nights of Ramadan in sha Allah aminnn