Wudu (Ablution Minor)

“The key to prayer is purification and sanctification are the Takbir and its conclusion the Taslim” (Prophet Muhammad sallahu alaihi wasallam)


The ablution may seem like a trivial thing, not so important, many muslims today do not know correctly its steps; but these words of the Prophet (sallahu alaihi wasallam) make us understand that the ablution has a huge importance because it allows access to the fundamental pillar of Islam: the prayer!

Here my video with images and descriptions of wuduh from the book “my PRAYER” (pdf link http://wp.me/P5Qg5l-a ):


What nullifies the Wuduh?

  • Passing wind

  • Passing urine or faeces

  • Deep sleep whereby one loses awareness

  • Uncosciusness or intoxication

  • Touching the private parts with the hand and finger without a barrier.

  • Intimate relatoin with husband or wife

  • Ejaculationdue to a wet dream

  • Mestruating