About me

Assalamu Alikum (peace be with you)

My name Ferdaus (or Giada), I have 16 years and I currently live in Italy.

I study mechanics in my high school and this is the third year for me, I like this field because it is made of reasoning (not really a fanatic of the study), but understand the mechanisms, think that it happens so for a particular thing .. .It is fantastic!
I’m thinking to go to university of Medicine in sha Allah when I finish school, even this sector intrigues me much (I can not do something that I do not like), I want in sha Allah help people, make them live better and with dignity is this even in my small.

I am the author of a journalistic blog https://thetruthoverauthority.wordpress.com, I started it not long ago.
I felt on television, in newspapers and in my life everyday media saying thing but then when I checking looking it and asking, to reliable people who were at the place of the incident, they gave me a completely different reconstruction.
For this I take the newspaper articles describing the facts and commenting with the truth in sha Allah.

This is my second blog, I have converted to Islam two years ago because after studying the religions I’ve heard In Islam the way of truth. In Islam I found not only faith but the evidence that what I believe is true, and this does not exist in any other religion!

Al Firdaws! This is my motto, Al Jannah! In sha Allah. This site was born to bring clarity to the Muslims and non-Muslims about something very precious: Islam.
Here the prejudices disappear, any question, any doubt just a comment, a message, an email will be all clarified in sha Allah.
Our goal is to get to the Jannah (in sha Allah), using Islamic arguments, proofs, tips and much more.
This site was created before the desire to do dawah, by a desire to please Allah (Subhana wa taa’la).
“Convey from me even if it is one verse” Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
May Allah bless you and to guide you always on the right way.

I hope with this blog please Allah (subnaho wa taala) and to give you all the information and  evidence that Islam is the only religion in sha Allah.